Rain or Shine: Its Zoo Time

27 Apr

Max has been asking if we could go to the zoo almost daily for the last month. But the weather here in our neck of the woods has not been all that zoo friendly. Today though Max finally wore me down and I said that rain or shine we would be zoo bound. Today our friend Scarlett was with us so immediately after we dropped Jack at school we swung through Starbucks, grad some pre-zoo fuel, headed south and prayed that the dark skies would spare us any drops. We arrived at the zoo the minute they opened and nothing but good attitudes, running and laughter ensued. Both Max and Scarlett truly enjoyed themselves and truly enjoyed holding and looking at their zoo maps. This was also an epic trip for mom. This was the first ever stroller free zoo trip in the last 7 years. Hooray. Both kids did a great job of walking, or should I say running. The zoo was relatively quiet today, mostly due to the weather, but that meant that the animals were curious when we would make our way to their exhibit, and it meant that there was an abundance of friendly zoo educators to chat with and interact with. We had a lovely day at the zoo and not one drop of rain was felt. Very fun.

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Easter Fun

26 Apr

We had a great Easter full of family and friends. We began the morning with brunch at church followed by a great service. Then it was off to my parents house which was packed with lots of family and friends. A bounty of good food was present ( i could not get enough of the potatos-yum) and then after we feasted the children were set loose in the back yard to gather the much coveted eggs. Both boys did great. Max was fast and Jack was persistent. What a wonderful day.

Spectacular Saturday

26 Apr

We had a spectacular saturday if I do say so myself. We awoke to a beautiful day here. The sun was bright the air was warm and it was the first time in months and months that the threat of rain was no were on the horizon. Our family had plans to attend the big Microsft Wellness and Activity event and the sunshine added lots to the fun. Here is a big shout out to Microfost of planned and executed an excellent family day. There was something for everyone. Mommy did the 5k (it was lovely to run in the sun) Jack climbed the rock wall, Max enjoyed the inflatables and Jon enjoyed sporting his sunglasses all day long. The boys met the Seahawks mascot, we ate great food, got our faces painted, listened to a great band while munching some treats, and left with all kinds of goodies in our gift bags. It was a great way to spend the day as a family.

A Borrowed Plea

14 Apr

This morning while sipping tea and blog surfing
I came across this great poem : Please.
So because I don’t have the poetry gift like this mom, and because I want my boys to know this very things I will post her poem and claim it as my poem.

notes to my children:

Don’t forget to feel
and then move on
if things don’t go the way
you thought they should go.
Sometimes what you want isn’t even what
you wanted anyway.
Open doors for girls.
Or better yet,
open doors for anyone and everyone
coming through.


Your brother will be your best friend,
if you let him.
Don’t pass up chances to go to far-away places
even if it doesn’t seem like the right time.
Marry someone who likes
so many of the very same things
that you like.


You need to trust your heart-gut,
it speaks to you.
It is a true voice
that can keep you
safe from danger
and lead you to great things.
You were made for those great things,
like laughing or changing your corner of the world.
There are dreams in your heart
and you’ll surely forget them sometimes
so circle back and uncover them
because they are only yours
and they never totally leave you.
What is the one thing you can
know for sure?
You will always belong
with me, with us,
we’re a belonging family.
Some feelings
are really hard to feel.
Feel them anyway.
Eat things that don’t come from a box or a plastic bag
most of the time,
eat things that come from say…the earth or a tree.


Smoking really is as bad for you as they say it is
and even though you’ll think you’re invincible
for many, many years,
if you smoke, you will feel it and you will smell.
I want to say
everything in moderation now,
but you come from a long line of people
who don’t do moderation well at all.
So just, be careful.


Gossiping is gross,
you’ll feel that in your heart-gut,
I guarantee it.
And anyway,
you can like just about anyone
as long as you lay your self-righteousness aside.
I don’t really care if you’re good at algebra
and that’s not just because
I’m not either,
but because I think your brain’s energy
is better spent elsewhere,
like on words of poems
or other things that have
more potential to stay in your heart.
But maybe that’s just me.
Lots of things are just me.
I love most the things that are just you.
Forgive me for all the times
I have and will fail you.


The truth is, I’m learning as I go
but that never changes
how much I wish I could
always do right by you.
Grace is what keeps us all and it’s free
which is the same for its source, love.

The love of God.
The love from your fellows.
Give it freely and accept it freely
because you are what love is for,
to get it and to give it to others.
Speaking of others,
learn early that there are no “other” people.
We really are all the same.
So get to know people for all that they are,
not just in parts.
Not everyone will look like you
or act like you
or think like you
or believe like you
but it just isn’t your job
to judge all of that.
It’s your job to love.
Keep the best of friends
like a chain around your neck,
soft and light and connected.

Choose forgiveness.
Turn a whole lot of things over
with your sense of humor,
and then learn to be serious
when life or someone you love
asks you to be.


Wrap yourself up in the deepest thoughts
and feelings
and fears
and dreams
of someone else.
Listen to them.
Really listen.
You’ll find the best parts of yourself
in what you learn through
the stories of others.
What’s yours is his and his and hers and hers and his.
And anyway,
you can always
have too much stuff.
Give it away,
without much thought.


Be the one that says,
I’ll help!
You don’t have to DO faith perfectly,
but have as much as you can.
You see,
there is a great union at work
between you
and your Maker.
Should you seek it with an open heart,
you will find rest and freedom
from the parts of yourself
that scare you the most.
Do the next right thing.
Don’t leap before grace.
Let go.


Be kind and mean it.
Get your hands dirty.
Work so hard
that you are bone weary,
Protect. Seek justice. Fiercely fight for the underdog.


Think about good things,
the good things about you
and the people you love
and your life.
Think more about these things
than you think of anything else.
The truth is always the best option.
You are like a treasure,
the kind a farmer
might find hidden in a field
after miles and miles of dirt.

You are that priceless
and unexpected gift
hidden among the weeds,
the thistles and the bugs.
A shocking piece of art,
sitting on an easel in the sun
amidst the corn.

Ignore all the rest if you must, it’s not everything anyway;
there’s just so much to know.

But please know that last part the very most.
Everything else follows the knowledge
of your treasure-worth anyway.
So know it. Please know it.
I love you.

** to meet the real mom behind this poem visit http://extraordinary-ordinary.net

Poor Parenting=Family Fun

12 Apr

The children had been sick all week. The mother could barely stand upright. And the daddy…well he was drinking airborne like crazy and doing his best to stay away from all us sickies. Now all this might lead one to think that come Sunday morning we would all settle in on the couch and enjoy movies and hot tea, but alas, we made a stellar parenting call. We loaded the family into the car to participate in the Seahawks run and kids run. This event had been on the calendar for weeks, entrance fees had been paid and we thought the boys would love a psychedelic green seahawks shirt so why not just go. Thanks so much to my parents mormor and morfar who came along and who stood with the kids in the cold while Jon and I ran. Then we amused ourselves with some kid activities and booths while we waited for the kid run to start. Then the bull horn sounded, the children gathered ,the whistle blew and off they ran. Jack took it very seriously. He was stretching for the minutes leading up to it and at the sound of the whistle he RAN his little heart out. Jon ran with Max and Max thought it was great fun. Once the run was done it was back to the car and we headed home. In no time the kids were asleep and when we arrived home the mom made her way upstairs to sleep the day away. Now some might criticize that the family headed out while under the weather, but we needed the break and sense of normalcy in the midst of the week of blahh. Good, good fun was had…admist all the coughing.

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Spring Break keeps getting…..

11 Apr

…well the answer is NOT better. So Jack was just the first in the family to getting this nasty cold bug. Come Thursday he said that his ears hurt, so off to the urgent care we went. Sure enough. The kid racked up quiet the impressive illness list : bronchitis, Double Ear Infection and a Sinus Infection. Poor kid. But Jon and I were impressed with his pain tolerance. And thanks to the magic that is a camera phone we captured all the fun for our blog readers. Then come friday morning Max had finally gotten the fever than he complained that his ears hurt too. Yup the nasty cold and an ear infection now resided with Max as well. Our counter that usually hold the homework, craft project, dinner ideas and my computer had suddenly become our “cold command center” with all our various drugs and remedies. Then come Saturday the mommy thought she might finally have to succumb to the fact that she had cuddled disease ridden children for a week and now she was feeling blah. So I napped a bit on Saturday and went to bed early. By Sunday afternoon, it was official I was toast. So in bed I laid for the day…THE DAY. and the awesome man I call spouse, husband and my babies daddy rocked the domestic life downstairs while I slept and drooled upstairs. (thanks jon!) We awoke Monday and both boys are better, but are working to get their stamina back. And I am battling it appears the minor version of the whatever the boys had. Hopefully in no time we will all be back to our perky busy selves, but for now, the slower pace of life has been, dare I say, a little bit enjoyable. So there it is our Spring Break. Hooray for good fun. (sarcastic sigh)

Spring Break So Far

6 Apr

Spring Break is upon us and that meant come Saturday evening I started to scramble…what would we do? How would we fill our days? Well no worries…activites have taken place.Sunday afternoon the boys enjoyed themselves at a little birthday party for our friend Cole. Hosted at the Little Gym it was a great place for the boys to run themselves silly and get all nice and tired. That suited me just fine because immediately after the party we loaded into the car and drove up to Bellingham for a little visit with Auntie Kendra and Uncle Travis. We arrived, played some games, visited and then hit the hay. The boys were pretty sure the reason we went to Bellingham was to enjoy some yummy breakfast at Rocket Doughnut. The boys love the tasty treats and I think the ambiance is good fun, something our little city lacks. The boys were not disappointed and devoured their doughnuts. I too was not disappointed, having had very poor sleep the night before (as you can see by the oh so lovely photo) the steaming hot cup of coffee I enjoyed perked me right up. Yeah Rocket Doughnuts.

After our stellar breakfast it was back to Kendra’s house so the boys could play and Kendra and I whipped up some homemade soups. Then we went to visit my cousin Christy and her three kiddos. They have just built an awesome house and it was great for the second cousins to play together. You can image that with 5 high spirited children capturing a non-blurry photo was not a possibility. It was a great visit and the kids really enjoyed themselves. However in the midst of the playing Jack began to slow and spent some time with me on the couch. By the time we loaded in the car to make the long drive home I had a kiddo with a fever. So here comes the unexpected part of our spring break. Jack is rockin a gnarly cough and super high fevers and Max, not to be left out is rockin’ “slime eye” aka pink eye. Poor Jack, usually on the go spent the day yesterday on the couch and sipping Gatorade. Max on the other had spent the day getting eye drops under the guise of “if you lay nice and open your eyes mommy will play more candyland with you.” So there you have it. Spring Break So Far…one burning up on the couch, one with slime pouring from his eye and pink teeth because he too must drink Gatorade (so he says), and a mommy who has played more candy land in the last two days than any mom should ever have to play.


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